Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0

Simulation 1989 Dos Dosbox Microsoft Flight Business Civil flight

Early version of the seminal Microsoft flight sim

I don't expect anyone to go back in time for a prototypical game just out of a love for retro flight sims. I must assume that you do it to see what was different, how the series evolved. And compared to Microsoft Flight Simulator X this 89 released versions of the simulator shows its age and its restrictions. But, nonetheless, it is fun to play and quite engaging. It manages to play as a sort of 8bit 3D flight sim, and it takes itself very seriously. Nope, this is no shoot them all, dodge the missiles type arcader, the game is actually serious in recreating the behavior of a plane in air, its limitations and its behavior. But, of course, the technical limitations, both in terms of mathematical accuracy as well as graphics will soon show their teeth. But, if you really love exploring these older Microsoft flight games, you will find this perfectly playable, palatable, at least for as long as the very simple graphics manage to bore you or to take you out of the game. In terms of challenges, the game has a free roaming options but also a mission based structure, so you can attempt landings, certain aerial maneuvers and so on. Just don't expect to be overwhelmed by diversity and the game will prove itself to be quite fun.

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