Blue Angels: Formation Flight Simulation

Simulation 1989 Dos Artech Flight Civil flight

Air show acrobatics flight sim

It's a pretty neat idea, the one proposed by Blue Angels: Formation Flight Simulation: what if instead of aerial combat, transporting bombs or other cargo from one place to the next, you were to try and demonstrate your ability to precision control a plane in air? Like, you know, a well trained acrobatics pilot? Well, the game, released in 88, tried its hand, and nearly succeeded at creating a very engaging flight and coordination kind of game. However, like the flight sims of its age, it is barely playable today, too unpolished graphically, and is a very, hmm... static kind of performance! Because, it couldn't have been more at that time, which is why it is so hard to sink into. Granted with a joystick the pains and the joys of the game become a lot more apparent and the issues you might have had with it due to clunky controls are less of a hassle. But, still, it needs a lot of time to get used to it. Also, the developers wanted to include 25 real life locations, but you can imagine how that translates into this game1 It' just pretty much the same background, over and over again, with the slightest variation. And, besides, it is all about the sky rather than any other Earth bound structure where the game takes place, which is why you should not have any issues with the minimalist graphics. Alternatively? You could always go for Flight Assignment: A.T.P. - Airline Transport Pilot, yet another game that didn't really go for the military theme in early flight gaming.

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