Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer

Simulation 1987 Dos Edward Lenner Flight Civil flight

Pioneering flight sim, with dated graphics

Although later CY Advanced Flight games will begin to look and feel more realistic, the first one was on the threshold of playability, with lesser graphics and a physics engine that would make even other 16 bit flight games look sharp. But, if you want to see how the series began its journey, Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer is the way to go. It is a pioneer in that it managed so much for the time period, a plane that simulated flight to a sufficiently ok-ish degree not to feel absolutely taken out of context, a sketchy idea of controls which simulate air drag and other in flight conditions and so on. Don't get me wrong with a joypad or a stick you'll play this without issues, but it's never really an experience you'll crave more of. But sure enough, for its innovative brand and ideas it's worth mentioning and even going through a play through. After you've tried it you'll see how many ideas were developed to produce a truly playable and enjoyable game, which in this on are only at the stage of a seed.

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