Microsoft Flight Simulator 98

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Welcome to the 3D world

Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 is the 8th instalment in the Flight Simulator series made by Microsoft. While it's just a minor improvement over the previous game, Flight Simulator 98 still brings the same fun we had with the previous and following games. The principal is the same: there are no set missions and the only thing to do in this game is to fly planes. That's really it. While at the time the idea was still something jaw-dropping, by today's standards it's pretty much boring, by we'll judge the game for the merits of it's own time. One new element in the game is that now you can fly in a helicopter, which is pretty cool, but the one thing that steals the show is the 3D graphics accelerator, taking advantage of the DirectX technology, which was something new. The results were splendid 3D computer generated graphics, at least for a flight simulator. The game also includes a multiplayer mode, where you and a couple of friends fly around and probably would try to do some crazy stunts togheter. All in all, Flight Simulator 98 is a great addition to the series and is a recommended game for those who seek great flight simulation games!

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