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Front Mission: Gun Hazard (Nintendo game)
3.5 out of 5 (2 votes)
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Simple turn based strategy yet very diverse

Front Mission: Gun Hazard was a title developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System console, and thus, to better fit with that console's target, and to be more approachable, it had to be simplified. Thus, the controls of the game are fairly simple, the way you interact and the challenges of the game are also on the easier/palatable side, but, all things considered, this is not a game that dumbs it all down. Nope, what it does is allow you, the player, to get to grips with the mechanical bits, but the challenges themselves are really enticing! Also, the game is set in this wonderful world, where you're a troubled man, with a murky past and thus, when asked to join the army by a friend, you accept just to escape your past and move on. I would say, play this one in short bursts, in installments that don't go too long. Don't allow yourself to get bored with it! Consume it moderately because the game has a great story to tell and a great, enticing plot, that is worthy of experiencing. Also, the game looks great, has only just a bit of that Japanese feel to it, which is great. And, if you like it but want more, try one of the Final Fantasy titles as well, which also offer strategy, though in another form.