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Harpoon Classic (pc game)
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Good naval war simulation

It is a classic naval battle simulator which made a good fane base instantly after its release. The game is based on an old and famous board game but has a different and diverse gameplay. Well you will be doing a lot of battles which involves submarine battles, air combats and also ground combats. The major portion of the basic theme is naval war simulation but it also involves a fair deal of role play elements in the form of strategy and tactical elements. Well this time they have added a lot of new features which includes some better graphics and a new range of missions. The new mission or scenarios that have been added to the battles are 48 in numbers and have been implemented quite well into the gameplay. Well if this is not enough, you have a mission editor which allows you to device your own scenarios. The A1 has been designed well enough to provide you a tough competition in every scenarios that you come across. The graphics here are not that much classic but are not bad either. An updated database has also been added which makes the game even more diverse. You will also love Subwar 2050 because it involves brilliant strategic war elements.