PT Boat Simulator

Simulation 1994 Dos Digital Illusions Inc. Naval World Wars

Improved version of PT 109, the submersible sim

This WWII era submersible themed game allows you to have your way with an PT 109 submersible. The graphical presentation feels a bit too oldschool, especially given that the game was released in 94, when a lot more graphically superior games were beginning to see the light of day. But, even with its rather dusty clothes the game manages to produce great gameplay, very meticulous in how it simulates your activities. There is a lot of the waiting and stealth game, but there is also action, as you need to target boats, to offload to different parts of the map and manage some other missions. At any rate, the game is both diverse and interesting. Sure, it doesn't really stand its ground compared by the likes of Silent Hunter, but then again, it is not an unplayable game. More than anything it showcases that it is hard to create a submersible game that keeps up the pacing, and doesn't let you down. Give it a go if you love clean, oldschool sims that concern themselves with U boats. The game packs sufficient diversity to be worth a go.

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