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Jang-gi (pc game)
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chess simulator, very well executed but lacking in extras

Jang-gi is a thorough top down 2D recreation of Chinese chess. It has few additional elements. You get a top down board, with the lines of the original and then, with a classic light brown background color, that seems to suggest the color most used in real life sets. The AI plays a good hand, and the game can be used to teach yourself the rules of the game. Playing against the AI has the perk of teaching you different strategies, as you can look at the potential moves the computer has, and see what results each one will have. Overall, for those that are trying to learn the game, as well as for proficient players that look for a software with which to keep on playing Jang-gi is a good, if minimalist and not that rich in option, choice. What would have made it better? Well, for starters, if it had included a more thorough tutorial, but then again, there's no reason to dwell on what it lacks! So, download it if you're looking for a good Chinese chess 2D game, or alternatively, download Chinese Chess Master, much better for beginners, as it comes complete with tutorials and many more chess sets and boards.