Chinese Chess Master

Strategy 1987 Dos Anonymous Board games

The (less) famous Chinese chess variant in digital format

Chinese Chess Master is a clean, black and white (figuratively as well as literally) Chinese chess game, a very proper, clean, playable and ultimately worth having around, if you want to learn the game. If you're an expert the game might not have a lot to offer you, though the AI makes acutely thought out decisions, but, for the most part, Chinese Chess Master is a sufficient game, for a crowd that loves DOS simulations of games. What it doesn't have, however, is lots of addendums and additions. It barely has a tutorial, but you can kind of learn the rules by just playing. This, however, is a great game for intermediates, for those that already know what they're doing. For the rest of us though, it might just be a bit too little, if we're experts or a bit too much if we don't even know the rules. SO, what can I say, give it a try, but note that even on lower difficulty levels, it is not suited for uninitiated players. But overall, it's a nice oldschool chess variant that is sure worth knowing about, granted, that you already know the rules of the game beforehand.

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