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Little People Main Street (pc game)
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Little People Farm sequel; actually playable!

Little People Main Street is a sequel to Little People Farm, an abysmal edutainment tinged adventure. However, where the older brother was barely [playable and rushed, this one is unquestionably a sweet, playable, well done game. Its main construction idea is that it is a colorful game, but all in all, it's puzzles heavy, and will teach you tings about logic, physics and more. The way it does so is by allowing you to take your character around the city, street by street and deploying diverse gamey puzzles, such as inventory based ones, as well as puzzles that are based around on paying attention to the environment and knowing what certain activities will do, what are the repercussions of your activities. All in all, though, Little People Main Street is a great children's game, in the same vein as Super Solvers, but even more so chuck full of detail and great ideas. So, have it in your collection and you will surely be fascinated with it, it will definitely give you a great cartoonish fun experience.