Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue!

Puzzle 1989 Dos Dosbox The Learning Company Education

Highly entertaining and diverse edutainment bundle

The Super Solvers series defined what a good, fast paced edutainment bundle should be all about. The main gameplay mode is a sidescrolling adventure, but down on your way you will be faced with loads of puzzles that will test your math skills, your reading comprehension and so on. However, each and every stage through the Shady Glen School, where the game takes place, is very exciting, the challenges are never out of place and you will truly be working on developing skills rather than have to be frustrated by gimmicky control schemes, as many other edutainment games do. Having learnt the lesson that education can't be boring, the game will surprise you with very playful interactions every step of the way, and for the child in you, the story will be a considerable reason to persist. After all, your ultimate quest in this game is to save the school from completely vanishing, and at every step of the way you will be gathering more clues, clues which will hopefully lead you to find Morty Maxwell, without which the school is lost forever. The sense of urgency is also to be found in the game, as many puzzles need to be solved within a limited time frame, so you will really feel invigorated after a good run in the game. If you are looking for an old DOS game for your child and consider edutainment titles, this one is certainly amongst the best titles of the genre. Give it a try.

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