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Lychnis (pc game)
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  • Anime oriental platform
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Top notch platforming fun

This is an early effort from the Korean developer behind Magna Carta and Granado Espada and if you're looking for a hidden platforming gem, then you've come to the right place. In many ways it's not particularly original stuff, borrowing freely from Mario to Wonderboy and everyone in between, but it's the way that almost everything is put together that makes it stand out. You start out by choosing one of three characters to embark up an epic but fairly mystifying adventure, each of which handle and play in subtle but very important ways. Then it's on to the game proper and for the most part, it's all standard platforming stuff, with all the usual jumping, running and whacking bad guys that you would expect. You've got all the items and bonuses that are standard for this sort of thing, as well as a shop to spend your money in for handy upgrades. So, you might be thinking what's so great about Lychnis if there's nothing new to see here. Well, the point is that almost everything is implemented with such charm and efficiency that it's almost impossible not to like the game. The controls are absolutely spot on, being sharp and responsive, so if you ever die, you have only yourself to blame and not the game. The levels too are superbly designed, being clever, inventive and challenging in equal measure, while the visuals are cutesy without being sickly and are just packed full of personality. If one complaint is to be made, it's the foolish boss battle at the end (the only one in the game) which is just unfair and poorly implemented, but apart from this, Lychnic is top notch stuff.