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An excellent zombie aliens game

Abuse, now this game, while often very little known, was a really innovative game for DOS & Windows 95. The game put forth an extremely new concept for it's time, the ability to control the players movements with your left hand on the keyboard and be able to aim and shoot with your right hand on the mouse. This sort of gameplay was adapted to nearly every First Person Shooter on PC. The game however sticks to the more tradional sidescrolling platform genre and your hero must fight the hoards of alien creatures and their alien contraptions. I couldn't believe how incredible this game as a kid was, playing this back in 1995 on a 486 computer and that was just the demo. Since this game's release didn't receive widespread attention, it is often never heard of by gamers. The levels are very interactive with elevators, switches, teleporting devices, hidden areas and many other unique aspects to the game. The gameplay and animation is smooth and you really feel like you have control of the character. The enemies vary and the game does have a an alien and UFO theme to it. While the enemies often act simply like zombies coming to attack you, this adds to the fun of the game. I think this game, would have been an excellent adaptation for the film series "Aliens vs Predator". The game Abuse reminds me a little bit of a single player Soldat game except a lot better. I believe the company that produced "Abuse" Crack dot com, collapsed shortly after this game, which is a real pity. Considering the limitations of this games budget and development team, I think this game should be played by all and I would still recommend to any age, as I played this game when I was 10 and found it really exciting. I would like to see a modern version of Abuse come out (I believe someone attempted an Android port). You will need a keyboard and mouse to play this game, as using a touchpad to aim, will not do the game justice.

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