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Michelin Rally Masters: Race of Champions (pc game)
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Fast paced, graphically advanced rally racer

Maybe the Michelin Rally is not as well known a competition as it used to be, but this game did take it seriously when it came out. This is a hands down kind of game, graphically very satisfying, packing lots of tracks and lots of vehicles so you can really take your pick. As such, you are by no means at a loss for options in regards to this game, you can race faster vehicles, slower but more easy handling vehicles and you also have the choice of upgrading your cars to take advantage of the circuits you are racing on. At any rate, whatever you are going for, this game will nonetheless offer you a great experience, very similar to V-Rally both graphically as well as in terms of feel and immersion. Also, you will love the fact that the competition can be strong enough but you can set it on a number of levels of difficulty, and also, the game allows you to pick from a number of options that make driving more or less difficult, simulation like or more relaxed, more arcade style. A sure winner, for lovers of dirt track racing and other rally surfaces.