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Pentagrama (pc game)
5 out of 5 (2 votes)
  • Courtesy of Home of the Underdogs revival.
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Very boardgame like turn based strategy!

Pentagrama is just barely more computer game like than RISK, which, for all intents and purposes works just fine for it. In it you have to kill the leaders of the opposing factions, and to do that you have to occupy their vertices. It's simple, basically your concern is with making sure you advance in such a manner as to still be able to defend yourself, which takes exploiting the enemy's defense weaknesses, while making sure that your own troops are split as needed between combat and defense. Graphically it's a very boardgame like game, with good quality maps and a very stylized feel. I like it, and I think the way it's rendered adds to the mystery of the game. The 3D sure has that low fi quality about it without being encumbering or creating problems, but, for those that hate dated graphics this might prove an issue. Alternatively, a game of RISK can do the trick, but Pentagrama is like a more psychedelic take on that kind of recipe, which is good for those that want for a change. Also, it's not a stupid game, in spite of its simplicity.