Shadow Watch

Strategy 2000 Windows Global Software Organized forces Turn based Tactical

Sci Fi tactical strategy, squad based

In the same vein as X-Com but with much better graphics and a presentation that will leave nobody wanting for more, Shadow Watch is a tactics game, squad based, seen from above, isometric, and with great action and a great AI to play against. All the staples that X-Com games are there, the ability to trim and pick your own squad mates, the ability to, within the limits of your current budget, equip your squad mates with whatever weapons you see fit, and that combination of ground based tactics, where your positioning is very important, with the very same importance of using the member of the squad best suited for the job at hand, at the opportune time. Your squad can have up to 6 members, the Shadow Watch Force, as they are called, and they will have to answer when any paramilitary and alien activity is announced. The AI of the opponents though is none too bright, a shame given how great some of the levels are, levels which, unfortunately, just go unused, in terms of cover, flanking and so on. But, overall, Shadow Watch is a fun game to play if you don't want a very challenging game. If that's exactly what you were looking for though, the oldie X-Coms are a much better option.

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