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Pettson o Findus och mucklornas värld (pc game)
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Follow the cat!

This is actually the fourth game in a series of licensed games featuring Pettson, a bearded old man, and Findus, his cat, with other titles including Pettson o Findus i Tragdaren. It's a very clever and innovative little collection of minigames and activities for younger gamers which require a variety of skills but which are rarely less than entertaining. Your goal here is to guide Findus through a house which is filled with minigames and challenges. There are twelve in total, taking their inspiration from Incredible Machine, Lunar Lander and Battleships amongst others. You'll visit various locations in the house, including the attic, kitchen and bedroom, while the games themselves are a good mix and test not only your reflexes but also skills of maths, logic and other such things. Completing the puzzles wins you keys, collectible cars and other items, which can be traded in to unlock further worlds to explore and puzzles to complete. The whole thing is told with a sly sense of humor and plenty of personality, making this a good bet for younger gamers who want some fun but also like to learn a bit at the same time. The visuals are bright and attractive, with nice use of color, and some pleasing character and environment work, while the whole thing has a good sense of charm and personality thanks to the strangely appealing main characters. The games themselves are varied and rarely less than inventive, while offering up a good level of challenge and which will keep you coming back for more. All in all, a curiosity but a good one.