Post Mortem

Adventure 2002 Windows 1C Company Mystery First person Action Action adventure Detective mystery

Dark and complex mystery

This dark and mysterious adventure is the perfect solution for those long winter nights, thanks to its atmospheric narrative filled with twists and turns and its head scratching puzzles. It's very much in the vein of Myst or Amerzone, being a graphic adventure where you venture through various detailed environments, solving puzzles as you go and following the complex plot. The plot here is a fairly familiar one, revolving around a retired private eye who is hired to find the killer of a young woman's sister and brother-in-law but the story soon transcends this unoriginal opening and turns into something more sinister and even slightly disturbing. To say more here would be to spoil much of the game's appeal, but rest assured it is largely compelling and should keep you entertained to the end. The actual gameplay is fairly simple, merely requiring a bit of pointing-and-clicking to interact with the environments, objects and characters and although the interface is straightforward enough to use, your inventory does quite large at times, making scrolling through it a bit of a chore. Visually, Post Mortem is not overly impressive and is better described as adequate, with some well detailed environments but with no new ground for the genre being broken. The puzzles however are very good, being inventive and varied and which are integrated into the plot well, creating a strong sense of flow between gameplay and story. Post Mortem is pretty challenging too and should take even veterans of adventures like Black Dahlia some time to complete, but although there are three different endings, they are quite similar so there is little incentive to complete the game again to see them all. If you like your games slow-paced and with a strong story and puzzles, then this is for you but if you prefer a bit more action, then steer well clear.

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