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Sega Smash Pack 2 (pc game)
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Great collection of SEGA classics

Following on from the original SEGA Smash Pack, which featured several arcade/Megadrive classics like Golden Axe, Outrun and Revenge of Shinobi, comes this second volume of hits. This one contains a few lesser known names alongside the big ones, offering a bit more in the way of variety and makes for an excellent way of experiencing some of the old SEGA magic. There are eight games on display here, with Sonic 2, Super Hang On and Shining Force representing the better known titles, and with the likes of Comix Zone, Flicky and Vectorman 2 being among the more obscure inclusions. This collection's main selling point is the variety of gameplay on display and amongst the eight games, there really should be something for everyone. Super Hang On covers the racing fans and although it is a bit simplistic, it's still quite fun, while Sonic 2 remains a classic platformer and with Shining Force being a fine RPG that stands up well today. Fighting fans should enjoy Comix Zone which is a scrolling beat 'em up with a unique visual style and a lot of personality while Vectorman is a fun little sci-fi platformer which is good for a brief play. Really, if you can't find something to enjoy in this collection you're not trying hard and while it would have been nice if these conversions had been updated or enhanced in some way, this isn't a major issue and most of them remain playable for at least a short while if no more. Shining Force is perhaps the pick of the bunch, with Sonic 2 not far behind and this is worth picking up just for them.