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Sensible World of Soccer ECE (SWOS European Championship Edition) (pc game)
4.38 out of 5 (8 votes)
  • Tactics menu: here your team
  • Going to kick off
  • Batitstuta controlling the ball
  • Corner kick...
  • Now, Simeone building an action
  • Nigeria vs Argentina
  • Better making a foul there!
  • Bulgaria vs Argentina, someone just scored a goal
  • Some confusion on the midfield
  • Your opponent tactics: Colombia
  • It's a though match!
  • Half time: still 0-0
  • Tackling in Colombia defense area
  • Final match will be USA vs Italy
  • Now's our chance!
  • Long shoot!
  • Image extracted from youtube video.
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A fantastic soccer experience

This game is a well-designed conversion of a famous Amiga soccer game of the same developer and is based on teams that took part in the Euro 96 tournament. It features an enhanced and addictive gameplay with its colorful animations and the entertaining goal celebrations. A variety has been brought to the game play through introducing the ability to come up with curved passes and looping headers along with international management, trail players and well defined graphics. The management options are fantastic though they are not the primary feature. Despite the cartoonish players, one really gets an authentic feel with only a few minutes into the game because they have really managed a good game involving a variety of excellent moves and a suitable level of toughness. The best pro about this game is that it features true football where your dribbling will be tested because it's all on your own. So it will not stick to your feet when you dribble it and you have to control it yourself. So you have the moves, the shots and a competitive game play to give yourself a true soccer experience. Sensible world of Soccer 96-97 is a fine successor to this game with the same thrill and entertaining football.