ONSIDE Complete Soccer

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Ok soccer game

One original aspect that the game brings forth is the animation of the players to which an indicator of force and fatigue has been added. This allows you to be more in the know about what they can do with the ball or on the field at any given time, also making it clearer from the get go which player you are in control of at any given time during the game. ONSIDE Complete Soccer looks ok, but, as you would expect from a not too prominent soccer game, it does not have enough diversity to put it forth and to make it one of the vintage games you return to. On the other hand, you might get enticed by the fact that the game is also a tribute to Zindine Zidane, one of the most famed French players and a great player worldwide as well. So, no matter what, you are never too far away from a good enough game, though ONSIDE Complete Soccer offers just enough to keep you close to the action just enough so you get a feel for it. After that, you are going to want to return to your usual Sensible Soccer game from the time period or to any of the FIFA series of games, which offer more variety, a better overall AI and better overall game mechanics.

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