DDM Soccer '96

Sport 1996 Dos Digital Dreams Soccer

Good for a shareware soccer title but no more

DDM Soccer '96 is a top down action soccer game, the kind where the perspective, instead of being titled, is top down centered on the players. In practice that does two things: it reduces the amount of detail you can see of the players and it also, positively this time, makes it easier to judge distances and positions relative to the other players. But, when you put a rather poor control scheme over there (not in concept, in concept the controls are the classic soccer game ones), just not the most well oiled ones, you find out that the game is quite hard to play. And this is how DDM Soccer '96 is. It's a simple ideas, executed pretty basically, not too much room for more diversity or style or polish in there. Sure, for a shareware title that you can try to play and see if you like it it is alright. Download, also, Sensible Soccer, the game I think is paid the most tribute by this one. Unfortunately, for what it offers, DDM Soccer '96 is a bit too late at the table, by 96 the soccer action game formula had become so much more polished and well done.

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