Lothar Matthaus

Sport 1994 Dos OCEAN Soccer

Playable and sturdy soccer action game

If you crave classic top down, 2D soccer, and have kind of gotten bored with your olde FIFAs then you might want to look into some of the good games that just didn't stick too much to get the praise they deserved. That is what happened to this one game here too, and the way it was produced and delivered make it surely worth looking into. However, here's the catch, it isn't the kind of game where the teams behave noticeably different. Nope, not at all, it is a game that is well endowed for plays where you don't begin to notice that you're basically playing against one and the same team. As soon as you notice that the love for the game is kind of lost. So, it must be that which made the game become lost in the myriad of games of the era. But, you won't get too see the relative lack of elements in there up until you have played a few matches, and that is all you can hope to get out of a title like this one. So give it a try, it's got enough for a few matches but not more. So, yeah, give it a try if you want a top down 2D oldie.

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