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The Infernal Tome (pc game)
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Surprisingly decent fantasy romp

If there is one thing that is certain about fantasy RPGs, it's that they always involve some kind of epic quest to save the land from an ancient evil. And sure enough, just as The Infernal Tome is a fantasy RPG, in the vein of Dungeon Master or Eye of the Beholder, it also requires players to recover the lost tome which can bring about an end to the cataclysmic struggle which is raging between two rival mystics. The main plot is clearly less than original, something which is backed up by the main game design as well, and which takes the form of fairly standard multi-character romp, where you and your team must venture into darkened dungeons and other fantasy staples, collecting loot, potions and keys, while whacking the various monsters that get in your way over the head with a variety of weapons. In pretty much every way, The Infernal Tome is similar to almost every other fantasy RPG ever released, which on paper at least makes it a fairly unappealing prospect. However, while the game doesn't get off to a great start, with a very slowly narrated intro sequence, things soon perk up. Despite the lack of innovation on display, the game scores some points for simply doing everything well, if not spectacularly. The graphics, while simple, are nicely atmospheric with some decent design work while the world, where science has become magic, is developed quite well and which is interesting to explore. The Infernal Tome is certainly not a must play for casual gamers, but if you are a true fantasy fan, then this is a surprisingly enjoyable effort which may just take you by surprise.