Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos

RPG 1993 Dos Dosbox Westwood Fantasy First person Role playing

Solid slice of fantasy adventuring

Westwood is a studio best known for its huge Command and Conquer franchise and while the Lands of Lore series never met with the same kind of success (with only three of the eight planned games released), they remain an excellent set of dungeon crawlers. This is the first instalment and introduces players to a fantasy universe which bears certain similarities to Westwood's own Legend of Kyrandia series and which revolves around the evil machinations of the witch Scotia who has poisoned the king in her efforts to seize power over the land. This being a fantasy RPG, a hero must step forward to embark on an epic quest to find the antidote to the poison and which involves much questing, battling strange beasts using magic and steel and of course exploring dungeons. The game plays out in similar fashion to other RPGs like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder, with four playable pre-made characters each with their own unique abilities, and with exploration carried out in pseudo 3D fashion, while dungeons include a healthy mix of real-time combat and puzzle solving. In many ways, Throne of Chaos is a highly familiar slice of fantasy RPG which doesn't seem to add much to the genre. The lack of customisation and stats may put off hardened RPG fans but do to so would be to miss out on a fine game. It is easy to pick up, which makes it highly accessible to newcomers, but still offers plenty of challenge. The storyline is not staggeringly original but it is quite compelling nonetheless, while combat is strategic and satisfying and the graphics do a good job of creating a strong atmosphere. Overall, this makes for a solid fantasy RPG, with the sequels Guardians of Destiny and Lands of Lore 3 also being well worth checking out.

Some pretty good graphics for an old rpg game

This first person perspective RPG game has a very unique plot which I have not experienced in the many RPG games that I have played over the years. The theme is that an evil witch and a ruler of a dark army have acquired a magical ring which has some unlimited powers and she aims to use it against the empire of the king. The king has called for a hero among the 4 that you can select from and this hero will be sent out on the mission to stop the witch. So you will get an action packed adventure and will counter many different obstacles and enemies on the way. The gameplay is very good and exciting and is close to Dungeon Master. But the thing is that it does not feature the same action because it lacks a bit a variety. However the graphics can make you think otherwise because they are simple mind-blowing for that era. Similarly the voice that it supports is truly professional and top notch and makes the whole gameplay quite interesting. So it's one of those games which will really make you indifferent whether you should go for it or not but I would strongly recommend you to try it.

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