Whales Voyage

RPG 1993 Dos Dosbox neo Software Produktions First person Science Fiction

Space trade heavy RPG

Who's the whale you might ask? Well, the whale is your ship, pardon me, The Whale, there, with capital Double U (sic!). Anyway, all jokes aside, this old timer is a pretty well balanced as well as ambitious space bund trading RPG, putting you in command of your very own ship and tasking you with exploration and the conquest of space... NOT! Nope, you see, the space is no fairy land and place for space Beliebers like you! What happens is you get sold a really awful ship, on which you pay all of your money, and having a bad interstellar day, your ship gives up the ghost a number of light years away from your home, sufficient in number to kind of leave you stranded for good. But, hey you are still a trader and you can still get your finances back in order and maybe get back home, and that is going to be your struggle; not a shinny, brave new space world one is this one, but a race to stay ahead of the trade game in not the most shining of circumstances! So, if you want a gritty space trader, fighter and so on, this is it. The 4x element is thee, in the bud, and a bit ergonomic challenged, but hey, this is 95, and the space has no spaces for wallowing. (Alternatively, for a less challenging space trader experience, see Freelancer, much more player friendly, though just as diverse).

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