Ancients 2: Approaching Evil

RPG 1994 Dos Dosbox Epic MegaGames First person Medieval

Classic medieval RPG

It is a medieval RPG game with a fantasy theme which has been set in the world of dungeons. The plot in the game is that some evil has awaken in the catacombs and is threatening your world. The task that you are given is to lead a part and try to make sure that the veil remains within the catacombs. The combats in the game will be from the first person perspective and the game also involves some strategic and role playing elements. The party that you will lead will be derived from classes such as priest, rouge warrior, ranger and new paladin and it also involves five races such as the elf, the humans, hobbits and dwarfs. The character modelling has been very good and in line with the theme of the game. You will take this party to the dungeons and will go through a wide range of exciting missions. You will explore through wildness and also have to explore the wizard's tower. The level designs and the fighting sequences have a great element of horror to them and the controls are very good to support the action. You can also try Ishar 3 in this genre.

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