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Total Mayhem (Total Mania) (pc game)
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  • Game cover art
  • Isometric view
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Sci-fi military action

The game is an action shooter games which is played from an isometric perspective and has great detailed action. You can shoot every object in motion and have a variety of different guns to do that. But let's first go to the plot where the humans who developed some machines are now being ruled by them as they have grown in power and intelligence. Using the very same technology, humans have now decided to go for freedom and fight through their cyborgs. You will be running a team of cyborgs where you can control 6 of them which have their own abilities and powers. The shooting action will take place on various missions which apart from the action involves puzzle solving. To solve the puzzles and to find the exit, you will be dealing with keys, doors and other items that you collect in the course of your missions. They have also devised many power ups in the game and as you advance on in levels, your weaponry and arsenal will grow stronger and stronger. The A1 is really tough and you have to be very good with your response time and controls. The graphics in the game are very good and so are the well synced controls. Operation Carnage has the same theme and the same action.