Project Paradise

Action 1997 Windows Ikarion Software Military Science Fiction

Highly playable, top down shooter

If you've played any of the more recent zombie shooter games, such as the Shadowgrounds series, you are bound to recognize the concept. You see your avatar from above and get to choose where you go and whom you shoot. You can control the camera angle, your movement as well as the reticule which shows where your next shot will land. The graphic style of the game is rather dark, with modernist, Sci Fi elements, but after a while rather lacking in diversity. And thus, you are going to give it up. However, for as long as you manage to keep playing it, the game will offer an ok, straightforward shooter and dodger experience. Graphically the game is strictly 2D drawn, right from above but that never gets in the way. Quite in the contrary, it is better like this, the only problem being that the camera shows only so much ground around you, and those with a level of claustrophobia might not enjoy it. Not to mention that the enemies can spawn right behind your back, leaving you little space to react. So, for a top down shooter, with a mobile human protagonist and straightforward monsters, these game sure packs in a good punch and is worth a try.

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