Operation Carnage

Action 1996 Dos Beaucomm Interactive Military Science Fiction

Alien Breed like top down shooter

Operation Carnage is a more dated but fun top down shooter. You can choose between a host of player characters, each specialized in a type of weaponry, and you then get deployed to battle aliens in different, city or city premise type locations. The gameplay is thus your regular, shooting, moving and avoiding crowds of aliens, while also having to complete certain tasks. These tasks are basically your waypoints in the game, they guide you around the level and they keep you active. At times bosses will emerge, which require a bit of a more tactical/puzzle like approach. Graphically, the game puts just enough diversity in its 2D worlds to never feel too boring, but then again, it is light years away from what modern looking games can do. At least, for those that are not big fans of dark and murky settings, most of the locations are captured during the day, or are lighted properly. Overall, Operation Carnage is a good top down shooter, with a straight 90 degrees looking down camera, not too diverse or original, but a lot of fun nonetheless.

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