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Virtual Resort: Spring Break (pc game)
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Resort tycoon with a pronounced building portion

If you've ever wished you could build and manage your own tycoon, then this has got to be it. This 2002 game is a very modern looking game even by today's standards, pitting you in a space where you can build 2D constructions, create the kinds and the types of rides and other constructions you find necessary for your success. It is this sandbox option that the game afford you that feels really satisfying, as it contains a good amount of diverse tile sets to allow you to create very interesting looking creations. Furthermore, Virtual Resort: Spring Break has an economic and social side to it. You can build as you see fit, but ultimately it all revolves around making sure that you get a very high standard for the visitor, that he or she dies indeed have a lot of options. The game looks amazing and has an upbeat, though, maybe too euro beat type soundtrack, but I'd say that can be easily neglected. The game instead offers you great controls, an easy to navigate interface and hours of fun. Give it a try, or, alternatively, give Holiday World a try for an even more sprawling experience