Airport 2000: Volume 3

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Chocks away!

This is something of an oddity, being an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, but which offers something very different from the usual expansion packs. It's thus not something for casual players, but if you are still flying around and are looking for a way to add in some extra features, this isn't a bad choice. It's not actually an official pack but what it does is allow you to add in some more real world airports, including Paris Orly and London Gatwick, giving you some all new places to try landing at. The airports themselves feature plenty of details to capture the hearts of the aviation enthusiast, and you'll not only see moving baggage carts and so on, but also moving people inside the airports, and which gives things an even greater sense of immersion. Fortunately, that's not all you have, and you'll also find some new scenery to fly around, including San Francisco, Seattle and Denver, as well as some new planes to try out, inlcuding the Airbus 320 and the Dornier 328. As far as specialist add-ons to flight simulators go, this is pretty fine stuff and is basically a must play if you're still enjoying Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new additions here are fairly extensive and add a lot of appeal, particularly the new scenery. The whole thing has a very professional feel to it, with huge amounts of detail and a genuine sense of realism and authenticity, thanks in no small part to the impressive visuals. This definitely isn't for casual players but if you're playing the base game, you're far from casual, so you should get a lot of enjoyment out of this.

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