18th Airborne

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Spectrum Information Top down Strategic scope

Good action, nice controls

It is a good action shooter game which is played from a top down perspective and involves a fair deal of variety. The plot is that you will fly a plane and will go from one enemy base to another while destroying it through some very destructive bombs. As you go on demolishing the enemy bases, you get more close and close to your opponent and will have to actually come down to kill him once he has been located. You will have to take your plane to your home base again and again for refueling so that you can continue with your fight. There are about 7 different missions or levels in the game and all of them are distinct and unique with their unique terrains and some very good features. The controls cannot be mastered at one go and you have to be persistent so that you can get a good grip on the gameplay. The fun factor in the game is that the destruction animations are very good and the details of the missions are great. The game also gives you a map which you can check any time to locate the bases and your opponent. Battle Fleet is the other game in my list which you will surely like.

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