Alien Breed: Tower Assault

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Team17 Aliens invasion Top down

In 2191 the alien is the new pest!

Alien Breed: Tower Assault is a game that is great for stress, it's a kind of experience where you do nothing but slaughter, the nasty, numerous and always looking to byte you pests of the 23rd century, the aliens! Thus, to simmer down after whatever it is that caused you nerves, give this one a go. It's a classic, top down shooter, mouse controls the direction you're shooting, the directional keys control your movement. The alien is relentless, comes at you, but thankfully, he's not too smart! He doesn't learn, but this lack of intelligence is supplemented by the fact that he's got the advantage of high numbers! But you've got an assortment of weapons to rival the US Army's weapon vaults! On the other hand Alien Breed: Tower Assault is a bit of a special title in the series: it is a game where you can choose your own path, a sort of top down sandbox game, and for that, it's got a bit more replayability than most others. Also, cool enough, you can still play this one with someone, so that you'll kill the enemies even better, faster and with some moral support when the enemy gets you! Try it, the aliens need to be eradicated!

All out diverse action game

It's a great top down shooter game that features a good variety of action. The pot is futuristic or a sci-fi one where a far off space barrack has received a distress signal of a science facility that is on some uninhabited planet. They have no idea what the signal is all about and have sent in some troops to check in whether there are any refugees or survivals. As the ships of the troops reach the facility, an attack is launched and all the ships are destroyed leaving behind two survivors or soldiers that you will control in the game. The game has some unique features which are not often seen with other top down shooting games. You can solve missions from different paths as the game is not a linear one. This gives has a high replay value and makes it quite more exciting and fun. You can take about 276 ways for the purpose of completing the game and this feature is really unique and mind blowing. The graphics in the game are more than ordinary as you have a good level design which is not repetitive. The enemy characters are also unique and are non-repetitive and the music is fine. This original or the first version of this series Alien Breed also had some good features and is in my play list for many years.

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