1942: The Pacific Air War Scenario

Simulation 1995 Windows Microprose Flight World Wars Military

Great add-on to a great flight sim

The original 1942: The Pacific Air War is a great WWII-themed flying sim that focuses on realistic action in the period of war between the US and Japan. The game features a neat campaign that can be played as both sides but also includes a clever feature where it can be played as a strategy game where you can control your entire fleet of aircraft. This is an add-on pack which offers fans a bunch of new features and which stands as a fine example of an expansion which brings plenty of interesting things to the table. Notably, there are several new planes to fly, including the Warhawk and Mustang for the US forces and the Tony, Frank and George for the Japanese. Fortunately, there's more than just this though and perhaps the pack's greatest appeal is the addition of new missions in the New Guinea and Philippines campaigns which extends its longevity with plenty of challenging and tense moments. A multiplayer mode is also included with loads of missions designed specifically for head-to-head play or which can be played cooperatively as well. If you are a fan of the original, then this is a must play as it offers more of the same but with enough new features to keep you interested. The extra planes are a great addition and all handle differently, thus providing a great deal of challenge and variety while the new missions introduce some interesting elements and require swift reflexes and a sharp trigger finger. The level of detail is impressive while the options are extensive so really if you are after a complex but enjoyable historical flight sim, check this out.

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