F19 - Stealth Fighter

Simulation 1987 Dos Dosbox Microprose Flight Military

Playable flight sim but with very crude graphics

You know you are in for a rather shoddy 3D game when even the prerendered animations are jaggedy. But that was what the later 80s could afford in terms of flight sims. Other than that, however, the game is very well balanced in terms of its use of physics and the game does feel better than other aerial combat sims I tried. In terms of the crafts I rode, this game has modern jet fighter crafts, which are modeled ok, especially the interiors of the cockpits. You will also spend a lot of time reading the instruments, as the outside of the cabin sports really poor graphics, mostly static backgrounds with lite if any at times, 3D objects to be seen anywhere. In any case, for a walk on a memory land, this game sure packs enough punch, but it sure does not match anything released current gen, not that anyone would expect that. So, play it if you had done so in the past or if you love returning to the classics of yore, otherwise this game is not going to offer enough on its own, so you will need your very own ulterior motive to actually play it!

Beginning of the Golden Age

I bought this game shortly after purchasing my first laptop. An old Amstraad PC640, it came loaded with two 3 and 1/2 inch disk drives and maybe 640k RAM. The game was awsome cause it would run on that machine very well. There were no glitches and the keyboard overlay came in very handy. The missions were hauntingly familiar a few years later. I especially enjoyed the European theatre as well as the Mid-Eastern theatre, lurking in the background just to take a photograph of the enemy encapment with the special camera(it was infrared photography). Or, going after the terrorist leader who was escorted by a contingent of Migs just itching to shoot you down. I think of those days gone by now as I am terminally ill and haven't much longer to live. It was simply, the beginning of the golden age for fighter flight sims.

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