F117 A - Stealth Fighter 2

Simulation 1991 Dos Microprose Flight Military Action Combat Historical

Alright war flight sim, a bit too... vanilla

My only problem with the game is that it doesn't really have anything spectacular. Not that I'm so pretentious as to expect a game this old to excel, graphically, gameplay wise or in some other way, but what I do expect to find through its pixels is a bit of style, a bit of something that is unique to it. Nope, unfortunately, this game stoops so low at times, that you can't even differentiate between planes at times, which is really kind of a bummer. But, well, you got to take it as face value... And, at face value F-117 is a plane sim that does everything it should, within the expectation of the era. The missions are diverse enough, but, don't expect any surprises; it's straightforward. At any rate, I guess this is a game that just wanted a bit too serious for its own good, but I personally don't hold that against it. Some may like it, but again, don't expect much atmosphere, story or originality. You'll play it, enjoy it and forget it... Want a game from the era with much more personality? Red Baron, baby, Red Baron!

F117 flight simulation

This game is a flight simulation game which has basically the same theme which all this kind of games have. There is nothing in the game which makes it different from others as the features are the same but it is the executions of those features which makes it a real classic. Starting with the flight motion dynamics, the aircrafts that you will use in the game have some very realistic controls and combat options which will fascinate you tremendously. The aircrafts have been loaded with a lot of ammo which you will use to destroy the air borne enemies and their land bases. The controls are not easy to master but once you get a grip on them, you will easily tackle the enemies which are quite tough and challenging. I love the engage and destroy element in the game as it really makes you feel like in an air combat. At some levels, the enemy will really flood you with their ammo and will really give you a tough time. You can either go for the long missions in the game or you can try the short but competitive missions. The graphics are prolific for a flight simulation and the UI is really good. Apache Longbow is an alternate flight simulation which you will love either.

Great flight game

This is the best flight game I've ever played. The different air bases - landings on a carrier - especially night carrier landings made it exciting and challenging. Most importantly - once I learnt all the controls I could outfly - outshoot most of my opposition. But there were enough tricks like enemy following me to base, Norther Cape where they throw everything at you (I never it successfully through the Cape). And it used all Thrustmaster flight and weapons controls. I hope it can be adapted to Saitek X52 Pro as easily. Also you can take short missions or long ones - no mandatory campaigns or enemy planes that I can never catch like Janes.

The flight model is great

This game is a combat flight sim classic! The flight model is great, especially for it's time. Many realistic flight features are simulated. It is well worth the time and effort in mastering it. The manual is very good. Features include FLIR, AutoPilot, air brakes, gear, flaps, internal and external views, bomb tracking and much more.

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