Paradise Heights 2

Adult 1995 Windows Foster Hentai Bishoujo Anime

Second edition review

The second edition game is more or less the same than Paradise Heights 2. If you already played PH2, you can easily skip this and try its prequel or some other hentai game from the list of suggested game. Actually you're an employee of a toy factory, Keigo Nakadai, living at this flat residence, called Paradise Heights. You will understand the reason why that's called so in few click of the game. You'll meet very gorgeus neighbours who seems to be dedicated almost all the day to sex activity. And, yes, you'll be there for the same. The interactivity is really limited, like most of the games in this bishojo style, but the anime pictures are quite well done. No multiple ending, that really limits the re-playability of the game (for this True Love is the one you have to play). The software house is the one famouse for producing such a kind of games, so, you will notice same patterns already used in the first Paradise Heights (that I prefer compared to this game).

Full Hentai Game

Paradise Heights 2 is a very good game, it has nice 2d anime graphics. The story is also nice and enjoyable. Even the hentai pictures are great. This game is the sequel of Paradise Heights. The genre of this game is hentai drama. The background images and character designs are more beautiful and more lively. There's only one lack in this game, the storyline is so linear that we might get bored if we play it over and over again. The story continues from Paradise Height, about the love-life of a young man name Keigo Nakadai. Keigo is working in a toy company as a toy designer. There are a lot of girls and woman in this game. Basically it's a pretty nice hentai game.

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