3d Bomberman

Arcade 1998 Windows Steven Don Cartoon

Ok version of Bomberman in 3D

If you ever wondered how Bomberman, the classic game would look in a 3D universe, well, this game is exactly that. The core gameplay doesn't change, only the graphics do. So, you will still be trying to trap your monsters, plant bombs smartly so that you can take them all down. If you are lucky you are going to find powerups scattered through each maze, extend your time for the completion of the mazes or increase your range, power or number of bombs per run. So, other than the fact that the game looks a little more pimped out are there any differences, between this game and its 2D brethren? Not really. Rather, I would say, the 3D clothes do not fit this one too well. It is not that it does not look a pinch better, it doe, but honestly, the 3D is not the best possible. There is jaggedness, and there are lines that break down if you look closely, that did not really need to be there. Anyway, if you want a bit of a difference graphical experience to a classic game of Bomberman, this game will do that, but it might not be for the complete better or for the rightist of reasons.

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