The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield

Arcade 1997 Windows Fox Interactive Humorous Puzzle based Cartoon

Visit Springfield; The Simpsons town!

The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield is a sort of digital CD/ interactive production, that allows you to visit the town in which The Simpsons have been living and thriving for however long they've been on air. In terms of interactivity, what you can do there is find the hidden locales, then go on and collect all sort of show related items, and, as you unlock them, go on and visit new locations. So, yeah, it's more of a virtual gallery than a game, but it sure is all worth it; that means that you will definitely get the feel that you are a character on the show, albeit a silent and not too visual one... but then again, those that are truly in love with The Simpsons will find it more than satisfying a journey. It is fun, pretty well done, original, and always exciting. But most of all, The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield is the kind of experience that is only for those that have seen the animated series. If you haven't, it will just not make too much sense. It's a product for nostalgics, if you will! Truth be told, there are a few minigames scattered in there but nothing too extraordinary, to ffer you loads of fun. Rather, for true interaction, download The Simpsons: Hit & Run. This one at least is far better, and much better produced.

Doh! The Simpsons experience

By 2013, there were 23 seasons of Simpsons aired, starting with the first in 1990. The show started as a cartoon sitcom show and over time, the Simpson have become an icon, a trademark of the American way of life. It is only natural for the Simpsons empire to have their own game (just like Star Trek and many other popular shows). It starts off with the famous opening theme from the show. You get to meet almost every Simpson character, voiced by their respected actors and experience the town of Springfield in 3D. The jewel of the game are the famous Simpson like jokes and very humorous conversation with the characters and this will be bliss for Simpson fanatics. Seeing and talking to Simpson characters is also awesome beyond belief. But the gameplay is lacking in quality and that is more or less the only bad thing about this game. The map is pretty bad so you'll get lost in the town a lot and talking with the Simpsons crew is pretty much the only thing that you get to do. The soundtrack is entirely from the show, so there is nothing new here. The visuals are very good. When you take all this combined, Virual Springfield is a gem for Simpson fans and they should definitely play it and it may bring Simpson layman people closer to the franchise.

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