Skunny 32-Bit

Arcade 1997 Windows WizardWorks Platformer Cartoon

Speedy platformer with a diverse range of environments

Skunny 32-Bit is by no means a lesser platformer game than the Jazz Jackrabbit series or the Sonic Series however, for reasons that have to do more with marketing than anything else, it is the lesser known game. Ok, maybe also because this third game in the Skunny Series is also the better one, featuring a lot of fun and diverse levels. The other games were a lot smaller, and a lot less interested in bringing forward as many different points of view as this game. At any rate, Skunny 32-Bit will take you through Egypt, through ancient Europe, through castles, through green and sandy slopes and will do it in style. The environments do make use of recycled objects, recurrent through the entire series, but at any rate, there is enough diversity in them as well, making this game stand out and be joyful nevertheless. So, Skunny 32-Bit is a fast game, a diverse and challenging platformer and a time trial type game, if you want to take the challenges on. What it is not is a classic as Sonic, but that is, I would argue for no shortcoming of its own making.

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