4th and Inches

Sport 1987 Dos Dosbox Accolade Football

Good sports game with exciting action

It is one of those early football games that brought a good variety of player animations. It is also one of those few games which give you a great combination of strategy along with some great action. They have made the gameplay play more than exciting and are really diverse in terms of the action that you can do on the field. You can throw of bombs; run blitz and can even do the run sweep with many other tactical actions through the course of the game. The prime features of this exciting game are the good range of players' selection, the fast action and the player substitutions. You can also edit the names of the teams and the scenario of the gameplay. The graphics of this game are very good and call for some great on field action that stimulates your senses big time. The addictive gameplay has been supported by some swift controls which enable you to get a complete grip over the action. The thing which in my opinion is the best about this game is that apart from the action, the timing of the tactics and the moves decide the outcome of the match which makes the game really competitive. It's very much like the GBA Championship Football.

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