TV Sports: Football

Sport 1988 Dos Dosbox Cinemaware Football Arcade style

Action American football game, again, quite dry...

TV Sports: Football is a game that understood that gamers, especially the ones looking for sports thrills wanted to feel as if they were really part of something they already knew. What am I talking about? Well, I'm talking about the players, the teams of the season, and, in 1989, for a company that had just began producing games, buying the rights to use the actual names of the soccer players wasn't, really, in the cards. However, what was in the cards was using similar names, that just sounded like the biggest players out there! Yeah, racing games have done that (see Xpand Rally Xtreme) and soccer games had done that too and many more. Anyway, all those bells and whistles aside, this oldie still can be loads of fun. Nope, it is not the best out there, controls wise it is a bit of a messy game, but it does a good, simulation precise kind of job. So, yeah, source it, play it and then see how you like a much later game such as John Madden Football which sure takes American football to higher levels of playability. However, the TV Sports series remains important because it applied similar treatment to other sports as well. See also, for instance, in the series, the Basketball game they did, again, an alright product.

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