NFL Challenge

Sport 1985 Dos Dosbox XOR Corporation Football Tournaments

Bare minimum, symbol based NFL simulation

For the time this game appeared, surely some sprites could have been used instead of the x es and and zero es that make up the players, and the lines that make up the playing field. But rather than a good, graphically busted game, the choice this one makes is to go with the bare minimums, and still deliver a compelling game, one that allows you to sink into it and allows you to enjoy the action, rather puzzle like offering. The mechanics are simply good, offering you enough info to make split second decisions, and the AI too feels rather snappy. So, all things considered, NFL Challenge manages to create what many other later games couldn't: offer a barebones simulation of the game, mathematics based, that can be enjoyed. Yes, many games can dazzle you with better graphics, but let's face it, after that shine wears off, what you re left with is nothing more than a grimy game with little to show for itself. So, if you don't insist on graphically accurate representations for a playing field or players, this game offers you a distinctive minimalistic type of game, one highly playable and rather interesting looking, one that you can't expect to ever see again reemerge.

XOR NFL Challenge

Lovely old game, although playing against the computer does get predictable, it is still challenging and fun! I particularly like the team updates available and the All Time Great Teams. One criticism is the lack of specialty plays, (half back options, end around, etc) but it's a worth to download.

What a football program!

Truly one of the greatest football programs ever written. Enjoyed playing it in the 80's and 90's during lunch at work. Had great one-on-one matches. I really wished I had all disks from XOR as collectible. Truly one of the greatest football programs ever written.

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