Armchair Quarterback

Sport 1985 Dos Dosbox Pseudonym Software Football

Text based sim of a football coach

Armchair Quarterback is a text based American football management game, pretty intricate, but also quite a hurdle to control. It allows you to take control of a football team and see it through to great successes. You basically try your best against the odds, and those odds are all about economics. You need to play the game always with an eye on what you can afford, in terms of players, and other costs, and within it, you have to make sure that you make the best bet every time. Armchair Quarterback, graphically, for a text adventure game, is pretty well organized in terms of the info presentation; however, it's got no actual graphics except for the text info, but as I said, at this level, the way you get everything presented is more than satisfying. A good alternative, in a similar style is NFL Challenge which, additionally, has a time (turns) constraint, to keep you playing at your best every round. Similar to Armchair Quarterback, it also is pretty scarce graphically, but overall sufficiently well organized to be very playable.

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