Playmaker Football

Sport 1989 Dos Dosbox Broderbund Football

American football; action, some strategy plus draft mode

With Playmaker Football you get three types of play: the classic action top down football game is the meat of it, but also the game has some strategy in there too. Also, a third portion of the game is dedicated to the draft, where you can make or break teams and try to foresee the results of the current season. Graphically Playmaker Football is a top down 2D game, alright produced, but nothing too special. The players don't too an awful lot too different from one another but even so, they do appear different enough to the point where they won't pose any issues on you. The more frustrating thing about it is that the game gets interrupted quite frequently by messages, which can be a bit of an issue, but they generally present you with info you might want to consider. There are 25 players in each team, so for an entire season you will have enough players to switch around, but for the most part, you have to cycle them with care, otherwise you risk over fatigue. You can play against the AI or against another human player, while the PC with handle the rest of the teams. Sure, it's no NFL Pro League Football but it is alright enough, so check it out!

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