Turbo Gomoku

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A GO version, also known as 5 in a row

Turbo Gomoku is a GO version, that doesn't follow the exact rules of that tabletop game to the letter. Instead, it chooses to amend and simplify them, ending up with something that in Europe is known as 5in a row, a strategy game that uses the same board as GO, but has a rule set that is much more suited to those that are not so much strategically inclined. So, judging the game for what it is, I'd say it represents the original game pretty well. The game is played on a few top down boards, all the same except for the colors and the general look they have. Also, they are all in 2D, which is great for seeing your pieces and knowing actually reading the information on them. Other than that you can play against the computer AI, but you can also challenge s real player and play in hot seat mode. The shades of green x and 0 version of the board is the best, as it will remind you of playing 5 in a row while at school on math paper! So, download it along with a GO version and after you've mastered Turbo Gomoku, you can graduate to GO, the more strategic and more involving version of this Japanese staple of top down strategy.

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