A-10 Tank Killer

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Dated but action-packed flying fun

Another military flight sim where players get to jump into the cockpit of an insanely powerful piece of hardware, Tank Killer is a decent enough entry into the genre but which lacks the magic of the best such games. However, it's got enough action to keep most flying fans satisfied for a while so if you enjoy games like Comanche, then it's more than worth a look. Players get to control the titular A-10, perhaps better known by its rather salubrious name of 'Warthog', an awesome craft that packs a 30mm Avenger cannon and which can make mincemeat of pretty much anything thanks to its depleted uranium armour-piercing shells. There are of course a variety of missions to take part in, and which see you hunting down enemy tanks, blowing up bridges and other assorted efforts. Most of these are pretty decent and it is undeniably satisfying unleashing that Avenger cannon on anything that moves, but a slight warning must be issued here. The game is a tricky one to get the hang of, with missions that are immensely challenging thanks to high enemy AI levels and some fiddly controls. If you're a newcomer to the genre you might want to look elsewhere first to earn your wings, but veterans should be right at home here. As with many early flight sims, the graphics are somewhat dated now, being blocky and lacking in textures or details but if you can get past this, and the game's high difficulty level, there is still a fine sim here. The missions are nicely varied, giving a good sense of flying, and with enough action and tension to keep you playing, so if you are looking for a challenge, then check this out.

Sim with very blocky landscapes

It's almost a miracle that by the end of the 80s a game like this, built on a real 3D engine could allow the creation of a flight sim. However, the limitations of technology of the era show. Don't expect much resemblance to reality, as the landscapes over which you will be soaring in search of tanks to destroy look really blocky. The game put you in the cockpit of the A-10 Thunderbolt aircraft, of which only some of the pseudo functional gauges are shown. The world instead is just blocks covered in a very limited color palette. So, while I would call this a game a sim, I would do it just because of the intention to create something sim like, though in true form, this could be a psychedelic block evasion and shooter much like Rez, were it not for the cockpit 2D view to remind you that you're flying a plane. And so , if you want to give this game a try you are going to get a good trip far back in the history of 3D engines, with all its glories and imagination requirements. But if you really want a flight sim experience, rather go for the Comanche Series from Novalogic.

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