B-1 Nuclear Bomber

Simulation 1981 Dos Avalon Hill Flight War

B1 Nuclear Bomber focused wargame set in the Soviet Union

B-1 Nuclear Bomber is a wargame that is mainly focused on the way the B1 Bomber was to be used in the WWII. Of course, the game takes some liberties in terms of bending of history, and it also is interested in the being as easy to play as possible. Given its focus, you could even catalogue it as a sort of puzzle game, the kind that asks you to find the best sequence of events; the tasks that the bomber will have to complete most of the time ask of you to find the right corridors through thick defenses, which, in a way, makes the game a kind of path finding experience. However, because the game also includes the real world electronic counter measures and the missiles that were used to detract the incoming missiles, the game is far more of a simulation, even if lite and even if you still feel the pressure of tackling it in the style of a puzzler. At any rate, B-1 Nuclear Bomber looks alright, though a graphically minimalist game, and, for a brief period it will keep you engaged. I wouldn't count on this game becoming a staple on your hard drive, but then again, it is kind of narrow in scope, so that goes without saying, mostly. Alternatively, for a meatier experience in the same vein, see A-10 Tank Killer, which is more diverse a game sharing some similarities to this one, though, surely, not a strategy one.

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