Nicky Boom 2

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox DotEmu Cartoon Platformer

Unoriginal but fun platformer for kids

The original Nicky Boom introduced a largely uncaring world to a bland boy hero who engaged in the sort of platforming antics that Mario and Sonic can walk through in their sleep, but that didn't stop the developers from releasing a highly similar sequel. The original game saw Nicky taking on the evil witch Zoldrane after she kidnapped his grandfather, but this time he must defeat her sister, presumably out for revenge for the injustice heaped upon her sibling. What this means for players is that they are to explore a series of multi-directional scrolling levels, depicted in gloriously vibrant colours, and which are themed in traditional cutesy platformer style. Of course, there are numerous enemies standing in your way, including birds, mushrooms and bears, as well as slightly more imaginative golems and slugs, all of which can be defeated by jumping on them or by hurling apples in their general direction. A magic goose given to Nicky by his grandfather grants him the ability to fly, while some exploration is needed to successfully navigate the maze-like levels. Nicky Boom 2 is a highly straightforward platformer that, while it doesn't add much to the genre, is certainly enjoyable enough, particularly for younger gamers. The graphics are vibrant and colourful, with large sprites that move around at a good pace, although sound is somewhat limited to a repetitive soundtrack. The levels themselves are quite well designed, encouraging exploration and while the challenge is not overly high, there is some fun to be had here. Check out the Great Giana Sisters or its follow-up Twisted Dreams for some more interesting platforming action.

Simple cartoonish platformer with beautiful backgrounds

Nicky Boom 2 is not a pretentious platformer; it is a very simple, for kids type platformer that delivers a good amount of simple, left to right fun. The game is very much ingrained in the spirit of the genre. You will find all sort of upgrades during your travels, you will get to shoot enemies, to dodge enemies and projectiles while generally never getting to be overwhelmed by the elements. The game has absolutely amazing graphics, with sceneries that will bring you through sprawling wooden areas, through green fields and also through underground cave systems that look very appealing. Unlike many other platformers of the era, the game seems to strike a color palette balance that is very easy on the eyes, never pitting you against intense eye hurting colors, so you can let your kids experience this game for very long periods of time without issues. As long as you're not looking for a highly challenging type game, this one will do the trick without issues, and I recommend giving it a try.

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